Small Grants Program (2015-2016)

The second round of P2P projects (Small Grants Program) supported eight projects in 2015-2016, and more information about this can be found in our Grant Newsletter. This Small Grants Program aimed to support the launch of the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020. The program supported projects that contributed to six thematic areas as well as to three major components of evaluation capacity: individual capacity, VOPE capacity and enabling environment. These projects also contributed to 18 outcome subareas:


Gender +






Stronger evaluators

Stronger VOPEs

Better enabling environment for evaluation


The amount of support for each project was linked to the number of participating VOPEs.  A partnership that involved two VOPEs could receive up to $10,000.  A partnerships that involved three or more VOPEs could apply for up to $15,000 and a partnership of four or more VOPEs with one of those VOPEs from the an ODA-eligible country that had not been supported by the grant scheme in 2013 or 2014 could apply for up to $20,000

The winning projects were:


SGP15-06 Awarded $14,998

Project Manager: Jamila Asanova

Armenian M&E Network
Evaluators Network in Kazakhstan
Nation M&E Network of Kyrgyz
Russian Assoc of Specialist in P&P Eval
M&E Community of Practice of Tajikistan

SGP 15-06 Final Narrative Report - EvalEurasia

List of Participants, 2-5 March - English

School Program Training Module

VOPE Leadership School Training Component Evaluation


SGP15-08 Awarded $18,158

Project Manager: Risto Ivanov

Macedonian Evaluator Network
Montenegro Evaluation Network
Western Balkan Network
Evaluation Society of Bosnia & Herzegovina

SPG 15-08 - MKA2000-MEN Final Narrative Template


SGP15-09 Awarded $10,000

Project Manager: Fation Luli

Albanian Society of Programme Evaluation
Romanian Society of Evaluators

SGP15-09 Final Report

Why and how to include gender+ perspective in VOPEs? - Mirela Mustață

Agenda of Meeting with Municipalities Durres and Elbasan

SGP15-9 Documents (.zip)


SGP15-10 Awarded $15,403

Project Manager: Lim Kheng Joo

Malaysian Evaluation Society
Cambodian Evaluation Society
Vietnam M&E
Indonesia Development Evaluation Community
Malaysia University of Science & Tech
Asia Pacific Evaluation Association

SGP15-10 Final Narrative

Malaysian Framework for Evaluation Policy and Standards - MyFEPS

Stakeholders Consultation Workshop - MyFEPS


SGP15-14 Awarded $10,000

Project Manager: Nguyen Thi Thu Que

Malaysian Evaluation Society
Vietnam M&E
Malaysia University of Science & Tech

SGP15-14 - Final Narrative Report

Introduction to Evaluation Brochure - Eval 2016- VNME

Training Program - VNME, MES, MUST

VNME - Minute of Meeting - EN


SGP15-23 Awarded $9477.50

Project Manager: Laryssa Pylgun

Ukrainian Evaluation Association
Association of Specialist in P&P Evaluation

SGP15-23 - Final Narrative


SGP15-24 Awarded $14,954

Project Manager: Piroshini Trikawalago

Sri Lanka Evaluation Association
South African M&E Association
Malaysian Evaluation Society

SGP15-24 - Final Narrative

SGP15-24 - Workshop Programme


SGP15-26 Awarded $15,000

Project Manager: Réné Escoto

Central America Association
Nicaraguan Network for M&E
Instituo de investigacion e incidencia ciudadana
Guatemalan Institute of Economics
Guatemalan Evaluation Network

SGP15-26 - Final Narrative Report

ACE-ICAP Workshop

Primer informe de avances del proyecto EvalPartners en Guatemala


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