Participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) is designed to recognize and include communities as important stakeholders in data collection and evaluation. It expands the notion of accountability to answer not only whether organizations are fulfilling the terms of the funding they receive, but also whether they are fulfilling the needs and goals of the communities they serve. PM&E requires including community voices in monitoring and evaluation, and building the capacity of community members to become active partners in this process. This training aims enhancing the use of Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation (PM&E) for Development Projects/Programmes


This training is intended for Project Management Officials, government officials, department heads and programme managers; extension officers, Fielf officer; policy makers and programme implementers; development practitioners and activists and NGO and CSO members among others.


5 Days


The training is aimed at introducing and equipping participants with skills in;

  • Using Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation approaches in executing their responsibilities
  • Overcoming challenges they face in using participatory approaches
  • Development and Implementation of a PM&E Process
  • Developing Participatory PM&E process graphic presentation
  • Planning the PM&E Process and Determining Objectives and Indicators
  • Designing PM&E system
  • Data capturing methodology and data Analysis for PM&E
  • Reporting on progress toward outcomes to Stakeholders and Participatory dissemination.

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