EvalPartners working closely with ReLAC is putting out a Call for Contributions for an Independent Consultant to conduct a research and produce a research paper on: “Can we talk about a ‘Made in Latinamerica and the Caribbean evaluation’?: Where are we?”

The research paper will be used to prepare the Memorial Lecture to be launched at the ReLAC Conference during a plenary session in November 2022.

The Consultant’s responsibilities include to:

  • Review relevant background materials and develop a research outline & methodology
  • Assess the evaluation landscape in Latinamerica & the Caribbean and its adequacy for the region’s present development realities and priorities
  • Assess the progress made in implementing South Epistemologies in Evaluation
  • Discuss how to transform the practice of evaluation in LAC from a South Epistemologies Evaluation perspective
  • Describe who are the key players and what role should they play in spearheading a possible
  • Made in LAC Evaluation/ Evaluación desde LAC
  • Discuss current capacities to meet this transformation
  • Identify Dr Sulley Gariba’s perspective to evaluation and highlight its use, articulated with LAC perspectives, for promoting South Epistemologies on the continent and globally
  • Make practical recommendations on strengthening “Evaluación desde LAC” in our region
  • Synthesise the paper into key points that could be presented in the 30-minute lecture, working closely with the lecture presenter
  • Review the lecture presentation prepared for the event
  • Review the research paper and work taking into account the Reference Group advises and comments

More details can be found in the Terms of Reference AT THIS LINK