In January 2012, IOCE and UNICEF came up with the idea of the EvalPartners, a global movement to establish evaluation as an essential management and social change instrument. At that time, the evaluation community was mostly inward-looking and interested in technical aspects of the professional practice. The idea that evaluators should become global advocates for their profession seemed incredibly daring but proved to be very effective.Combined with financial support from several donors – including Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, UNEG, UN Women UNICEF and USAID – it ignited a host of volunteer activities all around the world led by UN Agencies, national and regional VOPEs and civil society organizations.

EvalPartners has already changed the “evaluation world”. For the first time in the history, an international professional year – International Year of Evaluation 2015, also known as EvalYear – was declared by the global evaluation community itself and then endorsed by the UN General Assembly.

EvalPartners is looking for an individual or a small team to prepare a stocktaking report. The work will be initiated in February 2018 and the stocktaking report must be finalized by 18 May 2018.

Proposal Presentation
The proposal must be delivered as a single pdf file to Lynn Burgess <> no later than Monday 19 February 2018 at midnight EST. The proposal should clearly address each of the review criteria and make quite clear what EvalPartners is to expect at the end of the assignment.

Winners will be notified on Monday 26 of February and should be able to start immediately. Applicants are advised to pencil-in the dates of March 11-14 as it might entail the participation of the selected consultant in the EvalPartners Management Group meeting which will be held in Helsinki during these dates.

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