Student evaluation case competitions are an excellent mechanism for developing evaluation capacity. They give students a hands-on experience with evaluation of a program or policy. This practical experience increases their understanding of the importance of evaluation and, in some cases, may be the starting point for a professional career in our discipline.

A pilot World Evaluation Case Competition was held last year with student teams from Chile, Czechia, England, Germany and Mexico. It was a highly successful event with positive feedback from the students, their coaches, the judging panel and the international advisory board.

For 2019, the competition is open to teams from all countries in the world.

Working in their home country, each student team has six to eight hours to prepare a written analysis of an evaluation case. It is submitted by email for judging by an international panel of evaluation experts. There is a full description of the Competition at  Follow on Twitter  @WorldCaseComp.

Please consider sharing and posting the attached call for applications from student teams (in English and Spanish)