The International Society for Evaluation Education (ISEE) is a new global professional society with a mission to advance learning and teaching about evaluation in any sector or setting.

Born of a desire for greater clarity and vision around evaluator and evaluation education, ISEE hosts occasional face-to-face and online working conference sessions in which members present on topics they are researching (or interested in researching).

Recent activities include hosting an American Evaluation Association pre-conference meeting and editing a special issue of Evaluation and Program Planning and Evaluation Journal of Australasia. The ISEE has over 70 members from 10 countries, and would love to engage new members with an interest in the topic.

There is currently no membership fee. Please have a look at the ISEE’s website and vimeo channel for more detail. Evaluators can also sign up on the website to be added to their mailing list. 

Upcoming ISEE online conference sessions 

  • Sept 30, 4-5 PM EDT – Dana Wanzer, Tiffany Smith and Libby Smith, Interpersonal Skills in Evaluation
  • Oct 21, 4-5 PM EDT – Dana Wanzer, Re-Envisioning Evaluation Education 
  • Nov 5, 4-5 PM EDT – Vidhya Shanker, Building Evaluation Studies Around Analysis of Systemic Oppression 
  • Nov 11 4-5 PM Athens Time – Lauren Wildschut, How Should Evaluation Courses Differentiate Content and Skills? 
  • Dec-Jan – EvalYouth presentation 
  • Jan 26 2021 – Robyn Thomas Pitts, Developmental Supervision 

Upcoming ISEE sessions: Help Shape ISEE 

  • ISEE invites inputs into upcoming sessions for December to February, to establish the future direction and infrastructure of ISEE. “Come along to tell us how ISEE can provide value to you in relation to evaluation education. We’ll send calendar invites for these early next month”

Some additional info: