Progress and proposed actions

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International Year of Evaluation 2015
Progress and proposed actions




Progress made so far


Since declaring EvalYear in Sep 2013, there has been many occasions regional and national Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPE) joined the initiative. Many VOPE included EvalYear logo in their websites promoting EvalYear and to date the logo is available in 26 different languages. EvalYear was declared/endorsed in conferences organized by AfrEA, EvalMENA, European Evaluation Society, UKES, IPEN, Malaysian Evaluation Society, American Evaluation Association, Thailand Evaluation Network, Australasian Evaluation Society, South Asian Parliamentarian Forum for evaluation, African Parliamentarian Forum for Evaluation, 3rd M&E Forum- Philippines and Kenya national evaluation week 2013 organized together with Evaluation Society of Kenya. (Please see the EvalYear website rotating news section for more information EvalYear brochure is now available in English, French, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish. For more information please see the website Also in April and July 2014 UNEG held high level meetings in Bangkok and New York promoting EvalYear.

Proposed actions for 2015


EvalPartners brings together national/ regional evaluation associations, development partners, parliamentarians, civil society and government representatives to prepare to celebrate 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation and to use the visibility brought to evaluation profession by the EvalYear 2015 to strengthen an evaluation culture in each country. 

A series of international events have been planned for 2015, in which an “evaluation torch” will be passed over focusing on four themes:


Following are the events scheduled for 2015 in which the “evaluation torch ” will be passed over:

The series of international events will culminate in the Global Evaluation Week to be held from 23 - 27 November 2015 at the Parliament of Nepal in Kathmandu. The global event will be organized together with Community of Evaluators – South Asia, Parliamentarians Forum for Development Evaluation and National Parliamentarians Forum for Development Policy in Nepal. This event could also be the opportunity to launch:


EvalPartners is also facilitating a consultation to generate ideas for the Global Evaluation Agenda for 2016-2020. The Global Evaluation Agenda will guide mainstreaming evaluation at national level and global development agenda. The Global Evaluation Agenda for 2016-2020 will be launched at the Global event in Kathmandu, Nepal.

We invite you to lead an EvalYear 2015 process in your own country and organization. Please share your ideas with Marco Segone and Natalia Kosheleva, EvalPartners Co-chairs, and Asela Kalugampitiya , EvalPartners Executive Coordinator.