Background and purpose of this EvalPartners stocktaking exerciseEvalPartners (EP) is a global voluntary movement of evaluators formed in 2012, with the aim of establishing evaluation around the world as an essential management and social change instrument and an objective of advocating for and contributing to change to the (Eval)world. EP commissioned a first comprehensive formative evaluation of its activities in 2014 and is planning another evaluation in 2019.

EP commissioned this stocktaking of its activities between 2015-2017 with the following purposes:

  • To assist EvalPartners in its future planning, with better information about benefits and outcomes arising
  • from its activities.
  • To aid EvalPartners in its reporting of results to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • To provide ideas about possible considerations that might be explored in the proposed 2019 evaluation.

While this stocktaking exercise also considered EP’s management practices and programming strategy, its priority was to identify, to the extent possible, results (including outcomes, accomplishments and influence) following from what EP has done. The stocktaking considered EP’s three main levels of operating:

  • The global level.
  • EvalPartners five networks.
  • Peer-to-peer and Innovation Challenge projects funded by EP.

Data-gathering approaches, in addition to document review, interviews, email queries and some other methods, featured seven case studies across all three levels in order to get a better idea of emerging or actual outcomes arising from EP. As a stocktaking exercise rather than a full evaluation, with limited resources and barely 3 months in total to undertake, there are significant limitations to the ability of this exercise to explore all possible considerations in depth.

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