The Government of Jordan has pledged to create 200,000 jobs for Syrian refugees in exchange for preferential access to European markets and grants and concessional loans to support the Jordan Response Plan. The Plan marks a transition to a comprehensive approach that takes into account long-term development goals. It addresses the socioeconomic impact of the crisis through promoting the resilience of national systems, structures and institutions, whilst striving to maintain social and economic stability and meet the basic humanitarian needs of both the crisis-affected host communities and refugees. This has created greater clarity and purpose at the policy level, in particular in relation to the labour market, economic and investment environments.

The Consultancy firm will draft the inception report and conduct a. A Consultant/consultancy firm with strong background of monitoring and evaluation to be hired to draft an inception report under the supervision of the project CTA in collaboration with the Regional M&E officer with relation to M&E related components. The inception period runs from 4 July 2017 – September 2017

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Interested candidates to kindly send EOIs and financial offer to by Monday 17 July 2017.