EvalPartners is ready to grasp the opportunities for the evaluation sector in the coming years. We have all been in a transition process during the pandemic and the landscape for evaluation has changed.

We invite you to be part of the next stage of the journey!

Broad engagement and input from the EvalPartners family around the world is important. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experiences. You can help EvalPartners determine its core strengths and where it needs to focus to gain the best impact.

The team has developed online interactive strategic planning tools, run by MURAL.

Please click the link to see the options including:

1. Survey – quick, simple inputs!
2. Focus Groups – join a session in March (sessions will be in Arabic, English, French and Spanish)
3. SWOT analysis – provide direct inputs on the MURAL Board
4. Theory of Change – for strategic thinkers
5. Influence Map – for deep thinkers

Visit: t.co/AOOFV0ZeMX