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M&E Technology Expert Series - Visual analysis

Visual analysis - a picture paints a thousand words - learn how to make compelling visuals from your data

A description of the different visual displays you can use to bring your M&E results to life and make an impact on your audience.

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M&E Technology Expert Series - Using your results

Use your results - having collected the data and analyzed it fully, what do you do with the results?

So, you have a great M&E system producing some great data and analyses. So what? This video describes how you can use the results and who needs to receive them

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M&E Technology Expert Series - Databases

Databases - collecting masses of data can quickly overload your systems. What solutions best suit your organization?

This video discusses the challenges faced when choosing a database to store and manage your M&E data

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M&E Technology Expert Series - Design Basics

Design thinking - how to go about designing your M&E system so that it can be effectively implemented through technology.

This video describes how to design an M&E system which produces the required reports to prove the impact of your projects. By working backwards, we define the data requirements to answer specific questions.

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