Training - Recommended

Title Category Developed by / Author Date
How to choose an evaluator: What to look for Evaluation Partners Center for Research and Evaluation on Abstinence Education
Credibility and other criteria for "good evidence": integrating diverse perspectives, toward better judgements about evaluation and applied research Planning Evaluation Melvin M. Mark 2006
Duquesne University Program Evaluation Certificate Any Category Duquesne University, School of Education
IDEA International - Monitoring & Evaluation of Public Programs and Information System Data Collection IDEA International
Evaluation of Results Based Management at UNDP 0 Derek Poate, Team Leader 2008
Logic Models Evaluation Partners Eric Graig
Basic Concepts in Data Analysis Series: Data Available to Public Health Professionals (Module 5) Cost Analysis Northwest Center for Public Health Practice, University of Washington
Introduction to Public Health Surveillance 0 Northwest Center for Public Health Practice, University of Washington
Determining Causality in Program Evaluation & Applied Research: Should Experimental Evidence be the Gold Standard? Evaluation Partners Mark W. Lipsey, Michael Scriven, Stewart I. Donaldson 2004
Impact Evaluation Workshop Evaluation Partners 2008
Postgraduate Certificate - Social Research and Evaluation Any Category London Metropolitan University
Qualitative Data Analysis Cost Analysis Katherine Fritz 2008
E-learning kit of the UN Common Country programming processes Evaluation Capacity Development UN System Staff College
ICDD -the M&E process Data Analysis IICD Project partners 2008
Hard-core Qualitative Research Methods Principles and Standards for Development Evaluation School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences, Claremont Graduate University 03/28/2009-03/29/2009
EASY-ECO Training Any Category EASY-ECO
Masters Certification Programme in Results-Based Management of Public Programmes (CRPP) Data Collection IDEA International Institute and the Laval University July, August
Fundamentals of Program Evaluation Evaluation Partners Jane Bertrand 2006
What?s the difference between an outcome, output and logic model? Indicators Selection and Development Deborah Linnell 2008
Causation without experimentation Cost Analysis Michael Scriven 2006
Synchronous online methods Data Analysis Clare Madge
Education Impact Evaluation Workshop Evaluation Partners World Bank 2007
Importance of M&E system in Family Planning Programs Evaluation Partners Dr. Sian Curtis 2009
TrainEval Training for Evaluation in Development Any Category TrainEval
Asynchronous online methods Data Analysis Clare Madge 2008
5-Minute Audit Committee Annual Performance Evaluation Facilitation Evaluation Partners David Tate 2006
IIRR training courses Evaluation Partners International Institute for Rural Reconstruction (IIRR)
MethodFinder Principles and Standards for Development Evaluation Nikolaus Schall
IMA International Training Courses Any Category IMA International
Food Security Information Systems and Networks Development Evaluation Context EC-FAO Food Security Information for Action Programme
Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) for Internet and ICTs Evaluation Partners Chat Garcia Ramilo & Cheekay Cinco
Certified International Development Project Manager (IDPM) Logic Models SETYM International and of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)
DEC Course on Poverty and Inequality Analysis Cost Analysis World Bank
The thin book of appreciative inquiry (Book Review) Data Analysis Stephen Joyce 2008
Evaluation: A Tool For Programme Improvement Evaluation Partners Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center
Kirkpatrick training evaluation Evaluation Partners Mary Kay Lofurno 2008
University of Cape Town Masters in Monitoring and Programme Evaluation Any Category University of Cape Town, School of Management Studies



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