Training - Recommended

Title Category Developed by / Author Date
Metering the Unmetered Resource: Evaluation Methods for Achieving Diverse Energy-Efficiency Policy Objectives Statistics Marian Brown & Monica Nevius 2008
Through a Glass Darkly: Reflections on a European Evaluation Policy and Practice Statistics Elliot Stern 2008
London Metropolitan University short courses Evaluation Typology London Metropolitan University
UNICEF Monitoring and Evaluation Training Package Reporting, Dissemination and Uses UNICEF
Designing the evaluation, 2/6 Statistics Center for Research and Evaluation on Abstinence Education
Jimma University Health M&E Master Program 0 Jimma University
Reporting Final Results, 5/6 Statistics Center for Research and Evaluation on Abstinence Education
Evaluacion de Programas de Mercadotecnia Social 0 Larry L. Bye 2008
Global Campus 21 Courses Reporting, Dissemination and Uses Global Campus 21 / InWent
International HIV/AIDS-related programs - Regional workshop 0 Various speakers 2005
PLACE: Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts 0 not known
What is a theory of change? Thematic Areas 2008
Training on International Development Evaluation: Defining and Measuring Evaluation 0 Dr. Michael Bamberger 2007
Mosaic Programme evaluation 2006 Quantitative Methods n/a 2007
Statistical Reasoning II in Public Health Results-based Management John McGready 2005
HIVTools Research Group training in Cost-effectiveness Analysis of HIV prevention 0 HIVTools Research Group
Monitoring and Evaluation of Procurement and Supply Management Systems   Statistics BackgroundThe procurement and supply management (PSM) system is essential in the provision of quality health care. It should guarantee the timely supply of good quality, affordable health commodities. Often these systems are not functioning properly causi
University of Kentucky Masters in Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation Statistics University of Kentucky, College of Education
Monitoreo y Evaluacion Statistics Orlando Montoya Herrera 2009
Causal and Statistical Reasoning Results-based Management Open Learning Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation (ERME) program Statistics Boston College, Lynch School
M&E of Population, Health and Nutrition Programs 0 Anastasia Gage and Sian Curtis 2006
Routine Health Information Systems (RHIS) 0 MEASURE Evaluation and University of Pretoria staff 2005
Evaluation Modules Evaluation Typology University of Wisconsin
IDSS training programmes Reporting, Dissemination and Uses International Development Support Services (IDSS)
International Nutrition 0 Keith West & Parul Christian 2005
Planning the evaluation, 1/6 Statistics Center for Research and Evaluation on Abstinence Education
Why should a nonprofit care about "theory of change"? Thematic Areas Deborah Linnell 2008
UNSSC trianing courses Evaluation Typology UNEG
Utilization Focused Evaluation Quantitative Methods Sara Earl 2008
Baseline Food Security Assessments Statistics EC-FAO Food Security Information for Action Programme
Hot to build M&E Systems to Support Better Government Evaluation in the UN Context Vinod Thomas, Keith MacKay; Jiayi Zou, Jeff Gutman 2007
Monitoring and Evaluation Statistics Katherine Weare
Using ICTs To Monitor The Rollout of ARV Therapy 0 2006
Monitoring and Evaluation for Practitioners Evaluation Typology PCM
Empirical Research Methods Qualitative Methods Open Learning Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University
Evaluation of Humanitarian Action Evaluation Partners Margie Buchanan-Smith and John Telford 2001
M&E of Tuberculosis Programs 0 Various
Self-Evaluation - The Childcare Company 0 The Childcare Company 2008
Evaluation Evaluation Typology various



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