Training - Recommended

Title Category Developed by / Author Date
Increasing the Involvement of YEE in VOPE Governance: Challenges and Opportunities Ziad Moussa 18 October 2017 between 09:00 - 10:00 am
Invitation to Global Webinar: Understanding Procurement for Evaluation Services at UNICEF – 24/25 October 2017 Evaluation in the UN Context UNICEF 24 October 2017 and 25 October 2017
Executive Leadership Programme in Evaluation and the Sustainable Development Goals Evaluation and the Sustainable Development Goals United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and Claremont Graduate University 13 Nov 2017 to 28 Feb 2018
Interative Mini-Course on M&E Fundamentals 0 Global Health eLearning Center / USAID
Nutritional Status Assessment and Analysis Statistics EC-FAO Food Security Information for Action Programme
Reflections on Theory of Change Evaluation Partners Tim Herrick 2009
The 2009 Claremont Evaluation Debates Evaluation Typology Claremont University
Statistical Method in Economics Results-based Management Victor Chernozhukov 2005
Master of Education (M.Ed.) - Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation (ERME) program Statistics Boston College, Lynch School
Tennessee Tech University Ph.D. in Exceptional Learning - Concentration Program Planning and Evaluation Statistics Tennessee Tech University (TTU), College of Education
Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation Evaluation Typology PCM
The Performance Institute Certified Government Performance Manager program Reporting, Dissemination and Uses Certified Government Performance Manager
Golden is the Sand: Memory & Hope in Policy, Theory & Practice Statistics Lois-ellin Datta 2008
Ipact courses on M&E and safe motherhood 0 Ipact / University of Aberdeen
Regional Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Programs 0 MEASURE Evaluation and University of Pretoria staff 2006
Engaging Stakeholders in Evaluation Evaluation Partners Leslie A. Fierro & Carlyn Orians 2008
CeDRE courses Reporting, Dissemination and Uses Center for Development & Research in Evaluation (CeDRE) Malaysia
Contribution Analysis : An approach to exploring cause and effect Statistics John Mayne 2008
International HIV/AIDS-related programs - Orientation workshop 0 Various speakers 2004
Ph.D. in Education - Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment (MEA) Statistics Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut
Theory of Change and Logic Models Thematic Areas not known 2004
Toolkit on Evaluation Evaluation Typology UNICEF Egypt Country Office
Gathering Data, Developing Conclusions, and Putting Your Findings to Use Evaluation Partners Christina Christie 2009
Statistical Reasoning I in Public Health Results-based Management John McGready 2004
Health Across the Life Span: Frameworks, Contexts, and Measurements 0 Henry Mosley and Kristin Mmari 2006
Metering the Unmetered Resource: Evaluation Methods for Achieving Diverse Energy-Efficiency Policy Objectives Statistics Marian Brown & Monica Nevius 2008
Through a Glass Darkly: Reflections on a European Evaluation Policy and Practice Statistics Elliot Stern 2008
London Metropolitan University short courses Evaluation Typology London Metropolitan University
UNICEF Monitoring and Evaluation Training Package Reporting, Dissemination and Uses UNICEF
Jimma University Health M&E Master Program 0 Jimma University
Reporting Final Results, 5/6 Statistics Center for Research and Evaluation on Abstinence Education
Evaluacion de Programas de Mercadotecnia Social 0 Larry L. Bye 2008
Global Campus 21 Courses Reporting, Dissemination and Uses Global Campus 21 / InWent
Designing the evaluation, 2/6 Statistics Center for Research and Evaluation on Abstinence Education
International HIV/AIDS-related programs - Regional workshop 0 Various speakers 2005
PLACE: Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts 0 not known
What is a theory of change? Thematic Areas 2008
Training on International Development Evaluation: Defining and Measuring Evaluation 0 Dr. Michael Bamberger 2007
Mosaic Programme evaluation 2006 Quantitative Methods n/a 2007
Statistical Reasoning II in Public Health Results-based Management John McGready 2005



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