Ph.D. in Education - Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment (MEA)

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On-site training

Ph.D. Programme



The Ph.D. program in Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment integrates theory and practice to promote the scientific uses of measurement within the field of education and related disciplines. Coursework focuses on current and emerging topics including instrument development, classical and modern measurement theory and applications, multivariate statistical techniques , multilevel modeling, sampling methodology, and educational assessment. Emphasis is on the development of professional competencies in these areas. Student/faculty interactions are strongly encouraged in order to promote research excellence leading to significant contributions to the field.

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Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut

Expected Outcomes

The program prepares graduates to become leaders in educational measurement, test-theory, program evaluation, large-scale and classroom-based assessment practice, educational statistics, and education research methods.

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Storrs, USA



General prerequisites for Ph.D. study include undergraduate preparation in psychology, education, or related disciplines. Any additional training and experience in Special Education, Anthropology, Sociology, or Human Development is desirable, but not mand


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