Evaluation to connect the SDGs with national priorities: a guide for evaluation commissioners and managers - NOW AVAILABLE

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UNICEF, IIED, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, and EVALSDGs are pleased to announce that the new guidebook "Evaluation to connect the SDGs with national priorities: a guide for evaluation commissioners and managers" is now available. 

Bringing people together is powerful. The guide on “Evaluation to connect the SDGs with national priorities” was inspired by a workshop attended by thirty-three government representatives and evaluation specialists from twenty-two countries. Hosted in Helsinki in March 2019, the event was jointly organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, EVALSDGs, IIED and UNICEF.

The 2030 Agenda and the follow-up and review process have clear guidelines for reporting, but the workshop revealed that countries are still not clear on how to conduct evaluations in a country-led process. The four organizations decided to meet this need together, collaborating on a guide to country-led SDG evaluation.

With SDG evaluation in its infancy, this resource is necessarily provisional. But time is of the essence. Local and national evaluators need support now if they are to use SDG evaluation as an opportunity to improve policies and programmes closer to home, applying tailored approaches. Here, the guide will provide this support and to motivate evaluation that embodies the principles of Agenda 2030. The launch of the guide will trigger more countries to use country-led evaluations. 

You can download the Guidebook from: 

IIED’s website:  https://pubs.iied.org/17739IIED/ 

EVALSDGs website:  Posting on EVALSDGs.org   or  Download the Guidebook


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