Virtual Library - Recommended

Title Category Type Date
Humanitarian Response to Natural Disasters: A Synthesis of Evaluation Findings Thematic areas Paper 2007
Impact Evaluation of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program-The Nicaraguan Red de Protección Social Thematic areas Paper 2005
Innocenti Social Monitor 2009 : Child well-being at a crossroad. Evolving challenges in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States Data analysis Paper 2009
M&E of Human Resources for Health Handbook Data collection Guide 2009
Manual for the evaluation of humanitarian aid Thematic areas Guide 1999
Manual sobre la recolección de datos de fecundidad y mortalidad Data collection Guide 2005
Manuel de collecte de données sur la fécondité et la mortalité Data collection Guide 2006
MEASURE Evaluation Data collection Website
Measurement of HIV Prevention Indicators: A Comparison of the PLACE Method and a Demographic Health Survey in Rwanda Data collection Paper 2008
Monitor (MEASURE Evaluation) Data collection Newsletter



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