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Title Category Type Date
Viagra Se Baja Stevjape What is evaluation Any type 1980-11-11
What is Program Evaluation? A Beginners Guide Conducting evaluation Guide 3/11/2020
Viagra Generika Rezeptfrei Kaufen LesWeette Evaluation capacity development; Principles and standards for development evaluation Any type 1978-12-12
What is Program Evaluation? A Beginners Guide What is evaluation Guide 2/11/2018
Free Online Course: Planning For Data Collection Data collection All
NETWORK WEAVING FOR REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: An Evaluation of the Caucasus’ Agricultural Alliances in Armenia and Georgia Using Social Network Analysis Case study approach Paper August 2016
Evaluation function in small organizations Managing evaluation Paper April 2013
Geneva Evaluation Network Task force meeting Jan 2013 Evaluation capacity development Paper January 2013
Evaluation of FAO’s role and work related to Gender and Development Evaluation in the UN context Paper November 2011
Results-based management websites review Any category All 2009-2011



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