Hon. Pol Ham

Born in Sandarn village in the center of Cambodia in 1946 and graduated from faculty of Laws in Phnom Penh amidst the chaotic civil war of Cambodia in 1970s, I dreamed of Peace, Democracy, Laws and Orders for my country.

In pursuance of the dream, I have professionally engaged in democratic and social development of the Kingdom of Cambodia nationally. Internationally, I learned and shared my work in the UN operations in various countries, such as Timor Leste, Albania, Ivory Coast, Haiti, and Kosovo.

I have been elected by the people as Member of Parliament and by National Assembly as the Chairperson of Commission on Planning, Investment, Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Water Resources of the National Assembly of Cambodia. As the chairperson, in consultation with my colleagues of the commission in particular, and with the whole National Assembly in general, I have been drafting, reviewing, approving different laws, and monitoring the implementation of those approved laws by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Hence, without the proper use of the development evaluation findings, the formulation and revision of these laws, at the great possible extents, might not reflect the real development challenges and opportunities happing on the ground. However, capacity and political commitment of policy makers to read and use the development evaluation findings is still a challenge that requires broader collaboration nationally, regionally and globally; and these have become my professional commitment to see these changes happen.


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