Hon. Jean Oghassabian

Former minister, current Member of Lebanese Parliament,Founder,shareholder and CEO at MenaPro.

He Served as member of several parliamentarian committees including Defense, Interior Security, Foreign Affairs, Environment, Economy, Trade,and Telecommunication committees. Between 2000 and 2004, he was the representative of the Lebanese Parliament in the International Union of Parliaments and he is the founding member of the Parliamentary Union for Transparency in Ottawa,Canada in 2002.

Between July 2005 and July 2008, H.E. Oghassabian was Minister of State for Administrative Reform, as well as Minister of State in 2 consecutive governments between 2008 and 2011, where he was the Head of the Lebanese Delegation for the negotiations with Syria concerning: Agreements, protocols, conventions, border management and security.

The Deputy Oghassabian graduated from the Military Academy and holds a BA in Social Sciences from the Lebanese University, followed up with courses in talent management at Haigazian University. He holds a certificate in Project Management and International Defense Management from USA. Additionally, he undertook several security, defense and military courses in Lebanon and abroad (France, USA, Germany, Jordan); and has participated in many conferences.

His Role in the Parliament is described as the Chairman of the Economy, Trade and Industry Committee at the Lebanese Parliamnet, as well as being a Member of the Committee of Communication.

He believes in the significance of evaluation as a tool that can detect the weakness and low-performance of ministries, along with the ability to find better solutions and to rectify that performance.

His commitment comes from his belief in the necessity of the evaluation process, and through working in accordance to its principles.

He believes in his capabilities to contribute to the global vision of the Global Parliamentarian’s Forum, by means of dedicating his wide expertise in this field to achieving the goals and approaching the vision of the Forum.


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