EvalYouth Presents the Global Mentoring Program

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The EvalYouth Global Mentoring Program (EYGMP) is an initiative to support novice evaluators and young professionals to become skilled and dependable professionals that can confidently take up evaluation roles in their communities and countries.

After the successful implementation of the pilot phase from 2017 to 2018 with 52 mentor and mentee pairs, EvalYouth Task Force II launched the second phase of the EYGMP in April 2019 with 123 mentees and 91 mentors participating. EvalYouth Task Force II are preparing to launch the EYGMP 2020 between mid-September till mid-January.

The EYGMP 2020 utilizes a Learning Management System (LMS) for mentor and mentee engagement and will incorporate peer to peer learning in its four modules this year. 2018 with 52 mentor and mentee pairs and in 2019 with 123 mentees and 91 mentors participating. An evaluation was completed after each phase to ensure that we incorporate the recommendations and lessons learned into the next phase; including the EYGMP 2020.



•    To equip Young and emerging evaluators (YEEs) with skills, real-projects experience & networking to succeed in their evaluation career.
•    To support YEEs in identifying challenges and formulating an action plan for the advancement of their profession in program evaluation.
•    To support experts in contributing to the capacity development of YEEs.
•    To facilitate peer to peer learning and networking among participants.



The EYGMP 2020 includes the following components:

1. Four modules divided between basic and advanced. Each Module will take up about a month to complete. These include:
    •    Module 1: Connecting and bonding
    •    Module 2: The world of design, monitoring and evaluation
    •    Module 3: Actors and opportunities in the evaluation ecosystem
    •    Module 4: Thinking about the future

2. Peer to peer learning and networking with heavy engagement on the LMS. This also includes submitting assignments and joining discussion boards on the LMS.

3. A closing session with a final ceremony, and certificates of completion.


Evaluation of the Global Mentoring Program 2019 (Phase II)

The global mentoring program 2019 (phase II) was evaluated by an external YEE consultant.

The full evaluation report of GMP 2019 is available here.


Evaluation of the Pilot Mentoring Program

Task Force II conducted an external evaluation of the pilot phase which is available on this website.

The full evaluation report is available here.


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