EvalYouth Global Mentoring Program

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EvalYouth’s Task Force II is mandated to run a Global Mentoring Programs for Young and Emerging Evaluators – a priority that was agreed upon during the Global Evaluation Forum II by EvalYouth leadership and volunteers, and with input from evaluators and other relevant stakeholders. The EvalYouth Mentoring Program is an initiative to support novice evaluators and young professionals to acquire the necessary monitoring and evaluation skills to confidently take up evaluation roles in their communities and countries.


Objectives of the Mentoring Program:


The pilot phase of the Mentoring Program was launched in July 2017 with a Call for Applications, which received a total of 852 submissions from 114 countries. The pilot phase was implemented between October 2017 - May 2018 with 52 pairs who were matched using standard matching criteria. The Program design included six modules from an introduction to evaluation to skills development and career planning in evaluation. Mentors and mentees used online platforms and social media such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook to connect and hold their regular meetings. Task Force II also customized the Moodle learning management system (LMS) that was used as a central platform for the program.

Task Force II will launch 2018-2019 phase of the Global Mentoring Program in December 2018 that will reach over 200 mentors and mentees.


Evaluation of the Pilot Mentoring Program

Task Force II conducted an external evaluation of the pilot phase to document lessons-learned, achievements, successes, strengths, failures and weaknesses of the pilot phase to inform design of subsequent phases of the program.

Task Force II is using the evaluation findings and recommendations to design an improved and scaled up phase of the mentoring program including scope of the program, design of modules, communication and learning management system.

The full evaluation report is available here.


Mentoring Program Learning Management System

We customized Moodle as our learning management system for pilot phase. Click here to access the learning management system (https://evalyouth.evalpartners.org/). It will require username and password to login.


Consultancy ToRs published

Modules and Toolkit Development ToR. Click here to view/download.

Filmmaking for Modules. Click here to view/download.

Translation of Modules. Click here to view/download.

Pilot Evaluation. Click here to view/download.

Administrative Consultant. Click here to view/download.