Evaluation "step by step"

How to plan an evaluation

Evaluation questions
Questions on criteria : Evaluation at country level
Questions d'évaluation: Evaluation au niveau pays
Preguntas de evaluación: Evaluación a nivel país

Evaluation questions : Evaluation at regional level
Questions d'évaluation: Evaluation au niveau région
Preguntas de evaluación : Evaluación a nivel regional

Evaluation questions: Sector or thematic global evaluation
Questions d'évaluation: Evaluation globale sectorielle ou thématique
Preguntas de evaluación: Evaluación global sectorial o temática

How to manage an evaluation

Terms of Reference
Examples of Terms of reference At country level, regional level, global level (sector, theme, instrument)
Exemples: Termes de reference
au niveau pays, région, sectorielle, globale thématique, d'un instrument
Ejemplos: Términos de referencia a nivel país, a nivel regional, global sectorial, global temática, de un instrumento
UNDP Evaluation Resource Center / Document type: TOR

How to conduct an evaluation

Logic model
Eight examples
Ten examples

Refine the evaluation method
Design tables

Collect the data

Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 3

Expert judgment
Five examples of expert panels

Cost-effectiveness analysis
Two examples of cost-effectiveness analysis

Citizen reports cards
Example (Kenya)  


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