Checklists Evaluation "step by step"

How to plan an evaluation

Developing and Evaluating Evaluation Budgets

Plans and operations
Identify considerations when planning evaluations
Program evaluation planning

Defining the evaluation purpose Part II Step 1 / Sida Evaluation Manual (page 61)

How to manage an evaluation

Select the evaluators
Chapter 5: Step 4-Selecting an Evaluator W.K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook (page 63)
Legal viability

Identify key contractual issues that evaluators and clients should discuss and agree on when undertaking an evaluation.
List questions that evaluators and their clients should consider when undertaking an evaluation on an educational program.

Terms of Reference
How to perform evaluation – Model TOR

How to conduct an evaluation

Evaluation Design Checklist

Define a logic model
Checklist 1,2 3 in Logic Model Development Guide (p.20, 23 and 33)

Collect the data
24 Checklists for Evaluation Tools
Qualitative Evaluation Checklist

Quality control checklists

Focus group
Focus group - Checklists

Key informant interviews
Interview - checklist
Entretien - checklist
Entrevista individual - lista de control

Case studies
Case study - checklist for evaluator and manager
Etude de cas - check-list destinée aux évaluateurs et aux gestionnaires
Estudio de caso - Lista de control para los evaluadores y para los responsables

How to report on an evaluation
Evaluation Report Checklist
Feedback workshop checklist

How to assure the quality of an evaluation
AEA guiding principles
Evaluation value and criteria
Deliberative Democratic Evaluation Checklist
Program Evaluation Metaevaluation Checklist

How to use evaluation results
Utilization-Focused Evaluation checklist
Evaluation capacity building
Institutionalizing Evaluation

Evaluation type

Program evaluation
Program evaluation
Program evaluation models

Outcome mapping
Outcome mapping facilitator
Looking at Outcome Mapping from the Lens of Appreciative Enquiry

Thematic areas

Duties of the teacher
Educational products
Institutionalization of Technologies in Schools
Large-scale assessment programs
Research and development centers


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